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Before and After carpets

"My carpets were horrible, absolutely disgusting. I have 4 kids and you can just imagine the amount of stains! Just check out the before and after pics for yourself…you’ll be so amazed how clean Norm and his assistant got my carpets, RIGHT! There was some kind of oil or grease stain running down the stairs and on the landing, the stairs are so clean they look new! Although on the landing the stain did not completely come out, I am still 100% satisfied, because I can actually look at it again; before I hated even looking at it! My living room is actually presentable now and I won’t hesitate to entertain anymore! I have already recommended Norm and his service to friends and one has already booked an appointment! I, without any hesitation, recommend Affordable to anyone! Thanks Norm and we will be seeing you again!"


September 20, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Services from Affordable

Our cleaning equipment and our method of cleaning, fine-tuned over the years, are highly effective at extracting dirt from your carpet. The Affordable method consists of pre-treating the carpet with an enzyme that softens and dissolves dirt, and then pre-treating stains with heavy duty stain remover and brushing the traffic areas to loosen dirt. This makes it easy to extract dirt with our hot water extractor (steam cleaner) which injects a solution of mild detergent and deodorizer, and vacuums out the dirty water leaving your carpet clean and fresh smelling.

Drying time is typically 4 hours (beware of 1-hour drying times, as they only clean the surface of the carpets). If you have filtration lines (black lines along the baseboards), we pre-treat these with stain remover and brush them with a special edging rake before cleaning. Furniture is cleaned in much the same way as carpet except we use a small hand tool instead of the large carpet wand and reduce the pressure on the machine, so as not to over-wet or damage the furniture.

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We offer these services for our residential and commercial customers:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Stain and odour removal
  • Stain guarding
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Hot water/steam extraction
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